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Sarah Fletcher, LMHCaSarah Fletcher.

I believe in holistic wellness. Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health are all vital aspects of wellness- when one area suffers, the others often do too. I consider you as a whole person rather than a diagnosis, and can support the underlying concerns rather than masking the symptoms.

Each person possesses a unique set of strengths and skills that we will build upon to leave you feeling confident to be the driver of your wellness. I believe that you are the best expert on yourself. My goal is to be your ally and advocate in achieving your goals. With that in mind, therapy is often most effective when the client is actively engaged and communicative throughout the process. 

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (#MC61090290)

Certified Nutritionist (#NU61089256), Washington State

Master of Science in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology from Bastyr University. 

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a specialization in sport psychology, Western Washington University.

Body-positive, Health At Every Size (HAES®) provider specializing in gentle nutrition and movement to support mental health.

Amanda Rutledge

Amanda Rutledge.

Knowing where to begin with your personal struggles and relationship challenges can be difficult. Suffering and conflict are not evidence of failures. They are simply part of the human experience. We are all navigating life through the lens of our own unique experiences. If we utilize the proper tools of healing, we get to have agency in the ways we experience hardship. If hardship is inevitable, equipping ourselves with these tools can help us to move more fluidly through life’s obstacles on both an individual and a relational level. 

My approach to therapy is systemic, integrative, and attachment based. I will prioritize your more immediate therapeutic goals, as well as your long-term wellness. Many of our present-day challenges can be attributed to our experiences as children. We will explore the web of influences that have helped shape who you are today. Together we will examine your childhood experiences and how they are informing the way you think, feel, behave, and relate to others. With this information, we can collaborate to customize coping strategies that may help promote stability, lasting relationships, and self-efficacy in your life. 

Human beings are innately wired to seek human connection. Throughout the process of therapy, I offer a safe, nonjudgmental place to feel seen, heard, and supported. Collaboratively, we can foster improvements in your emotional and physical well-being, interpersonal relationships, and your ability to more successfully navigate through life.

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