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Sarah Fletcher, LMHCaSarah Fletcher, LMHCa

I believe in holistic wellness. Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health are all vital aspects of wellness- when one area suffers, the others often do too. I consider you as a whole person rather than a diagnosis, and can support the underlying concerns rather than masking the symptoms.  Each person possesses a unique set of strengths and skills that we will build upon to leave you feeling confident to be the driver of your wellness. I believe that you are the best expert on yourself. My goal is to be your ally and advocate in achieving your goals. With that in mind, therapy is often most effective when the client is actively engaged and communicative throughout the process. 

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (#MC61090290), Washington State 

Certified Nutritionist (#NU61089256), Washington State 

Master of Science in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology from Bastyr University

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a specialization in sport psychology, Western Washington University

Body-positive, Health At Every Size (HAES®) provider specializing in gentle nutrition and movement to support mental health

Melissa Gaytan Johnson, LMHCaMelissa Gaytan Johnson, LMHCa

Through a holistic and biopsychosocial spiritual lens, my goal is to promote your child’s specific balance of mind, body and spirit utilizing whole body supportive interventions, while honoring multiculturism and ancestral backgrounds.  I utilize a strength-based, collaborative, approach with a focus on holistic intersectionality and awareness we are all influenced by our family of origin, cultural backgrounds and social networks.  Your child may be facing challenging times in which talking with someone to work together to help identify concerns could be foundational to finding answers and building coping strategies and skills to support life-long resilience. My internship to was located in a private school working with preschool through 8th grade-aged children with a focus on emotional support related to both school and family and advocating for children of color.  Previously, I spent countless hours volunteering in both pre- and elementary schools working with children individually and small groups as well as leadership roles in various art or community service groups affiliated with children.

Master of Science, Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology, Bastyr University

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (# MC 61087418), Washington State 

Certified Nutritionist (# NU 61087425 )

Bachelor of Science, Nutrition, Bastyr University.  


Johannah Maybach, LMFTa 


As a relational therapist, I believe that relationships have the power to profoundly shape our lives and that connection to both ourselves and others is vital. I operate from a systemic perspective which incorporates awareness of how we behave within various systems of life, including relationship to self, others, community, and the natural world. I am passionate about integrating social justice into my work with clients and aim to create a space that draws upon your own lived experiences, insight, and goals for the future. I am sex and pleasure positive, queer affirming, and enjoy supporting clients in exploration of gender and sexual identity/expression. 

I believe that therapy can be a powerful tool to identify and validate experiences of oppression, strengthen community and disrupt the status quo. My approach invites exploration of difficult topics such as shame, anger, and grief, and I treasure the messy, human moments that can accompany this. I often incorporate somatic practices into my sessions to help strengthen the mind-body connection, identify feelings stored in the body and work to effectively integrate them.   I love using humor in my therapeutic offerings and take a creative and mindful approach to addressing your goals. My clients find me warm, genuine, playful, and non-judgmental. I am collaborative and solution-focused, centered in values of agency, pleasure, and self compassion. I enjoy working with individuals, couples and other relational constellations seeking to improve intimacy, communication and satisfaction. I especially enjoy working with adolescents, young adults and highly sensitive individuals.



Natalie Spandenberg

Something's not working. It's your relationship with a partner or child. It's your sex life, career, or friendships. You're struggling with life transitions, like having a new baby, launching young adult children, getting a divorce, or retiring from your job. You're grieving a loss, feeling anxious, or feeling disconnected from your body. I want to provide a space for you to be heard and to heal. I offer a listening ear and a warm, calm presence. I honor your unique lived experiences and view you as the expert on your own life.

We'll look at how past events influence you and increase your understanding so that you can become freer to act more adaptively today. I work with you in a goal-oriented and solution-focused approach. Through our time together you will gain insights that help you build positive relationships and take steps towards the life you want to live.

I am pursuing a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Antioch University. 

Internship Until March 2023

Anna Torres

Anna Torres

In this moment, you may feel consumed by intense thoughts and feelings. Each moment there is the opportunity to find new ways to balance the good, the bad, and the gray areas. Your goals may be undefined, feel too far to reach, or may not even be on your mind. That is alright. What matters is that you are here, looking for support, understanding, empathy, or whatever else may alleviate your pain. You are not your mental health issues. You are complex, unique, and strong. Life is like a roller coaster of experiences and emotions, and sometimes, we need support with all the chaos.  I provide a holistic integrated approach to mental health that fuses my passion for social justice issues and supporting others. It's important to account for systems of oppression and how culture, spirituality, and lived experiences, influence one's life. I am also empathic, direct, and have a great sense of humor! Change is inevitable but also achievable. I believe everyone has the ability to feel empowered to create change in their lives. I am simply a collaborator in helping you facilitate that change. The first step in discovery is exploration, the next step is action. You've taken the first step, now make the call, reach out to me, let's work together!

I am pursuing a masters degree.  Internship Until May 2023.

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