Premarital Counseling

Build a strong foundation for your future.
Understand not just the strengths but the challenges in your relationship.

Arm yourself with the tools
that will help you through the tough times,
bringing you back to the love
you share with your partner.

Studies show that couples that invest in premarital (precommitment) classes are 35% less likely to dissolve their relationship.

Skill Based Sessions are based on your answers to research based surveys and tailored to strengths and challenges based on Communication, Conflict Resolution, Relationship Roles, Money Management, Children and Parenting, and Sex/Affection, and several other relevant core values of relationships.

This is a great engagement gift to give to a loved one or to each other.

The investment you make today will last you a lifetime.

Email for details and get starting on your future together.

Couple Sessions

Total of 5 hours scheduled for your convenience. 

pmc couple Currently online with a few in person spots available this summer.

pmc couple 2

For $500 you will get:

2 surveys: one for each partner

5 hours of personalized sessions

2 Couples Workbooks

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